Tiger Woods “While we’re young” and the pace of play

What’s the status quo in relation to slow play at your club?  Slow play is an issue that is constantly in the headlines in golf club newsletters and magazines.

This problem affects the enjoyment of the game for some men and women.  After 30+ year of playing golf I feel I have become somewhat immune to the problem, you allow 4 to 5 hours to play a game. Sometimes it takes less and sometimes it takes more.

We all have our bad days and the odd slow round here or there … but you do tend to get to know players who are traditionally slow, sometimes you can avoid them, sometimes you can’t and there is generally nothing you can do to change some slow players other than asking them to play at the back of the field.

The USGA are now tackling the problem of slow play with an initiative called “While We’re Young”.  They enlisted the likes of Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Clint Eastwood, Annika Sorenstam and some other golfing greats to get the message across.  I quite like these short clips featuring Tiger and Annika and have inserted them below:


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