LPGA – Tasty news Brooke Pancake prefers waffles

LPGA Player Brooke Pancake created a sensation at the PGA Show last week when she announced that Waffle House would be her new bag sponsor.

Folks in USA woke up to Good Morning America touting the story. ¬†The tasty news soon went viral with NBC, NPR, ESPN and the print media reporting delicious leading headlines of “waffles v pancakes” and that “Brooke Pancake had betrayed her own breakfast food”.

The partnership apparently came to fruition through a friend of an acquaintance who knew the founder of Waffle House.  Though the partnership was finalised last year the announcement was left for the hype of the PGA Show to spread the word for the new sponsorship deal.

When interviewed Pancake advised ironically that though given her surname of “Pancake” she had always preferred waffles anyway and that “Waffle House had been one of the most unbelievable sponsorships so far” with “crazy support”.

This was just such a tasty story that I had to share it!!

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