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Australian Sports Commission / Golf Australia – Community Coach (GOLF)
Registered Australian Sporting Schools Commission Golf Coach
Registered to Work With Vulnerable People – General Registration ACT

If you live in the Canberra area and would like to book Anthea for golf coaching clinics at your local school visit the Australian Sporting Schools Website or leave a comment with your name and the name of your school and I will get back to you.

Hello, my name is “Solly” (Anthea Solomon) and I am passionate about the game of golf, and golf news about balls, equipment and what’s happening in and around the world of golf.

My hunger for all things golf began just over 30 years ago when a neighbour introduced me to the game.  From that point on most of my spare time has been spent trying to tame the little white ball.

After completing tertiary studies the temptation to take on the sport professionally was a consideration as friends around me took the plunge, but I fell easily into a career and remained a content and competitive amateur.

30 years on and with a few more championships under my belt, I’m still madly passionate about the game.  I’ve now had the opportunity to experience living and playing overseas and across 3 states and 1 territory of Australia.  I am now very fortunate to boast many golf friends and acquaintances around the world.

Hungry4golf was created to share and discuss anything and everything golf.  I hope you will be interested in the content put forward.

This website should be a fun place to hang around and glean some golden golf info to make you laugh, cry or maybe scratch your head.  At the very least, if my writing doesn’t fit the bill with the last three criteria it may give you some conversation starters for your next funeral or corporate function.

Hungry4golf aims to keep you abreast of news, and interesting information on changes in the lie of the golfing land, and most importantly what’s happening on and off the course with us amateurs as I feel that we are an important force that sometimes gets left in the shadows.

Have fun, enjoy this site and please email me with scoops, ideas and feedback, Gossip is always heaven-sent and of course you are more than welcome to just say Hi.


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6 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s almost criminal that someone with your vast knowledge about the sport hasn’t been blogging about it until now, Solly!!! The golfing world is better for the arrival of hungry4golf, and I look forward to hearing more about your travels, experiences, tips, recommendations and takes on national and international tours.

    1. Great to hear! Thanks for your enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy the H4G experience as it evolves.

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