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Golf on ice

Solly teeing off on a frosty June morning 2013

Is extreme cold weather part of your golf year?  For around four months of the year I hit off in single digit temperatures.  For someone who has spent the greater portion of their life golfing  relatively close to the Tropic of Capricorn, playing in an icy climate can create some circulatory challenges.

How to keep my fingers warm is the biggest of them.  Some mornings when the temperatures dip below zero and then hover between five and ten degrees celsius for the rest of the day, I find it hard to move let alone feel and grip a golf club.  Sometimes the icy fog just doesn’t lift and the day gets darker and colder, it’s on these days I have to say my mind just switches off game mode and enters survival mode (I’m not going die of hypothermia, I feel like I am going to die of hyperthermia but I’m not going to die of hypothermia….. am I ?).

Strangely enough, in extreme weather conditions, it’s not unheard of for me to have a handicap breaking score.  I guess it’s not strange really as the expectation moves from concentrating on each shot to just completing the game and of course living (I read about this theory somewhere in a golfing mind over matter book, I should really try to implement this strategy every round – if only it was that easy).

It’s not so bad anymore, my coping mechanisms are better but I do still feel the cold.  I have to say though it’s taken me years to work out what to wear to keep myself sufficiently warm and mobile.  The main problem was finding the layers that I could swing a club in comfortably.  A lot of the high tech golf clothes either didn’t stretch enough or were too noisy.

…..Sometimes I think I’m playing with a herd of shushing elephants when we’re all geared up in our rain suits.

Shushing Elephants = The sound of a group of golfers make when they are wearing their wind breakers and / or wet weather gear.

What I wear to keep me warm: Thin merino long sleeve shirt, thin lycra long sleeve shirt, golf shirt / long or short sleeve, corduroy longs, thin wool socks with thin cotton socks, mittens for between holes and a fleece cap.

Happy golfing.