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Bryson DeChambeau

De Chambeau – Golf’s new Mr Original


The Havemeyer trophy returned to home soil this year as US amateur superstar Bryson De Chambeau closed out fellow American, Derek Brand in an all American final at Olympia Fields (III) Country Club this earlier this week.

Although the US Amateur honuor board is mostly dominated by the Stars and Stripes lets not forget the Havemeyer trophy has spent the last two years on foreign soil with England’s Matthew Fitzpatrick defeating Australian’s Oliver Goss in the 2013 final and South Korea’s Gunn Yang snatching a victory over Canada’s Corey Conners last year.

This year’s all American final saw Bryson DeChambeau overpower Derek Band by the largest winning margin in recent history.  Indeed we have to look back 17 years in the US Amateur record books to 1998 when David Gossett beat Sung Yoon Kim 9 / 8 at Pebble Beach to see a similar winning margin.

However, it’s not the all American final, the impressive winning margin or the fact that the trophy is back on home soil that’s got everyone talking.  It would appear that we have a golfer that’s not a mainstream look-a-like.  Bryson’s unique set of irons and his natural motion, single plane swing are what’s got everyone talking.

De Chambeau’s unusual custom made Edel cavity back irons each have a head weight of 280 grams built on a 37.5 inch shafts with a lie angle of 72 degrees finished with a JumboMax grip (weighting 120 grams).  Yes that’s correct – you are not mis-reading this, all Bryson’s irons (3-iron through to 60 degree wedge) are the same weight, length and lie angle (with differing loft).

If De Chambeau’s unique club make up isn’t enough to get one half of the golfing industry (the club manufacturers) into a panic then his unique swing will be getting the other half (teaching professionals) sweating under the collar.

“I think it will be interesting to see if any manufacturers jump on board with Bryson and Edel’s level of customization”.

Working in the golf industry I hear, see and read a lot of commentary about the “ideal swing”.  Generally people cringe when they see a golf swing that’s not on plane and ask the question “how does that work”? I think it’s great for the game of golf when a distinctive player comes along who has a swing thats a little different because it gets people thinking about what works and why.

In the nanny state of golf that we live in most (not all) golfers are relatively standard in their swing and equipment set up.  It would be interesting to see what would happen if we all let our golf swings to evolve naturally.

Do you think we would all be as individually recognisable like Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson or… Bryson DeChambeau?

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Paula Creamer & Suzann Pettersen flying-a-round with Blue Angels & Breitling Jet Team

Paula Creamer & Suzann Pettersen flying-a-round with Blue Angels and Breitling Jet Team


August has seen two of the LPGA’s highest fliers leave the golf course temporarily to reach heights of a different kind.  The adrenaline rush of performing at the highest level of golf wasn’t quite enough for the likes of Paula Creamer or Suzann Pettersen as they took to the air testing the altitude for a supersonic experience and the chance to hang-a-round with some elite fast flying pilots.

Paula Creamer received a surprise birthday treat when she was delivered to the Blue Angels hangar in Pensacola.  From the images posted online Creamer’s famous trademark smile grew even wider as she flew well beyond Cloud No.9 taking off in a Bowing F/A-187 Hornet to fly with the Blue Angel’s No.7 Capt. Jeff Kuss.

As we already know, the LPGA tour players are a super competitive bunch and it would seem Suzann Pettersen was keen to challenge Creamer’s Hornet flight .  A couple of days after Creamers experience Pettersen took on the fast flying challenge raising the bar to another level – literally.  Not to be outdone by Creamer – Pettersen took to the skies with the Breitling Jet Team snatching a ride in an L-39C Albatros.

Both ladies reported experiencing all the feelings you might get from playing a major:  “adrenalin, excitement, anxiety and nervousness”.

For those of you that missed this or don’t follow Twitter, Facebook or Instagrammy goodness here some links to images of the girls having supersonic fun:

Paula Creamer taking off …     Paula with the Blue Angels

Suzann Pettersen having a blast !     Suzann in the cockpit

Blue Angels – The Boeing F/A-187 Hornet

Breitling Jet Team – The L-39 Albatross

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